Rick Fleshman: Professional Pursuits

Rick Fleshman is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of two successful companies: iAM Marketing and Ormeus Global. As a veteran of the United States Army, Mr. Rick Fleshman brings the tactical and strategic expertise to his professional pursuits, enabling them to establish steady growth from year one.

After spending his youth in Kansas City and years with the United States Army, Rick Fleshman founded his first business in 1994. It was based in Chicago and known as Full Circle Network. After three years, the company had experienced exponential growth and Mr. Fleshman merged it with a California company known as the Earnware Corporation.

When the companies merged, Mr. Fleshman became the Earnware Corporation Vice President of Sales and Marketing, where he learned to forge new client relationships and partnerships with major brands. Eventually, this led him to a VP of Marketing role with a multi-million-dollar direct sales company in Asia.

Just twenty-four months after accepting his role as VP of marketing, Mr. Fleshman was offered a Chief Executive Officer position with a new direct sales startup. He helped the company find a passionate, fast-growing distributor force in under a year. Only then did he co-found his two present companies.

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Rick Fleshman: Benefits of Joining the US Army

Rick Fleshman is a successful entrepreneur who serves as the Chief Executive Officer of iAM Marketing and Ormeus Global, both of which he co-founded. Rick Fleshman is known for his leadership ability and credits it to his time in the United States Army.

As a US Army veteran, Rick Fleshman applies strategic and tactical thinking to his current professional endeavors, and with great success. His leadership has taken two companies from concept to reality.

If you’re considering joining the US Army, you’ll get more than leadership skills and the ability to think strategically, though. The points below are just the beginning:

  • Work Ethic

Military personnel learn a work ethic that is rare in today’s workforce. You’ll learn the importance of adhering to a schedule, which leads to professional maturity and consistent quality performance.

  • Communication Skills

Quality communication skills are among the most valued in the modern workplace. Military training will teach you how to communicate well in flexible environments. You’ll learn to understand cultural nuances and to speak with respect in all scenarios.

Head to goarmy.com to keep reading about joining the US Army.

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Rick Fleshman: Tips for Expanding Your Career

Rick Fleshman is a successful entrepreneur from Kansas City with over twenty years of experience. Rick Fleshman’s a United States Army veteran, an avid Royals fan and the co-founder/Chief Executive Officer of both iAM Marketing and Ormeus Global.

If you’re working to expand your career, dreaming of success like that of Rick Fleshman, tips like these can help:

  • Build Skills

What skills do you admire most in professionals like Mr. Fleshman? From leadership to strategic thinking, list the skills you want to have as a professional. Your next step is to make a skill-building plan for each one.

  • Multitask Your Endeavors

It might be better to do one thing at a time on a day-to-day basis, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have two irons in the fire at once. If you want your career to expand, you’ll need to bring in income to support you while you move toward your next big step.  

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Rick Fleshman: Network Marketing Specialist

Rick Fleshman, CEO of iAM Marketing, is a network marketing specialist with a celebrated career. As stated in his professional bio, “For a six-year period, Rick was in high demand as a consultant in the Network Marketing industry. He developed a cadre of marketing consultants, copywriters, graphic designers, and internet marketers to which he dispatched specialized work to create many large, successful projects.”

Network marketing involves training distributors for individual success. Entrepreneur defines network marketing as “A business model in which a distributor network is needed to build the business. Usually, such businesses are also multilevel marketing in nature in that payouts occur at more than one level.”

Rick Fleshman’s history and experience in this field have helped him craft an aggressive plan to instill success in everyone who works at iAM Marketing.

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Rick Fleshman: Fast Results for Business Success

Following his time serving in the U.S. Army, Rick Fleshman quickly launched into a successful career in telecommunications, sales, and marketing.

Rick Fleshman’s natural business sense and his entrepreneurial spirit helped accelerate the growth of numerous companies. According to his bio on the iAM Marketing website. “Rick’s interest in network marketing soon led him to the VP of Marketing role for a $100 million Asia-based direct sales company. He managed the launch and opening of the company in the U.S. market, building out the infrastructure and distributor network from scratch. Within 24 months, Rick was offered the CEO position for a new direct sales startup, an opportunity he couldn’t refuse. Within 9 months, the company successfully launched a category-creating product that fueled immediate adoption by a fast-growing, passionate distributor force.”

iAM Marketing is thrilled to have Rick Fleshman as their acting CEO, helping pave the way for long-term success.

Rick Fleshman: Military Leadership

As a veteran of the U.S. Army, Rick Fleshman uses the leadership skills he gained while serving in the military to train civilian workforces for success. Starting with the founding and eventually merging with his first company, Full Circle Network, Fleshman discovered a model for success by empowering his employees to be the best at what they do.  


In order to run a successful company, you need people who don’t consider quitting an option when it comes to achieving goals. Rick leads his teams through inspiration, motivation, and empowerment. Because of this positive leadership, his teams achieve and often exceed expectations and goals.

Now as the CEO of iAM Marketing, Rick Fleshman has trained his marketing and sales teams to express these qualities in everything they do.


Rick Fleshman Learned Management Skills in the Military

Rick Fleshman, CEO of iAM Marketing, has a successful career in network marketing that he has built over the last 25 years. Rick Fleshman has received praise from colleagues and former employees for his exemplary management skills, many of which were not gained in an office setting.

According to Mr. Fleshman’s biography on the iAM Marketing website, “Rick began his career in the U.S. Army, taking the experience and discipline instilled from his military training into his entrepreneurial pursuits. In 1994, he founded Full Circle Network, a Chicago-based telecommunications firm specialising in direct sales. After just three years, Rick merged the company with a larger California firm and was immediately brought on as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, forging new client relationships and partnerships with major brands in the direct sales space.”

Rick Fleshman’s military experience helped instill the leadership qualities he used to succeed in the civilian private sector. From there, he was able to start, grow, and merge businesses in the telecommunications and marketing industries, the acumen of a decorated career.

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Rick Fleshman: Acquisition Leads to New Opportunity

Rick Fleshman has a successful career in the network marketing industry, decorated with numerous major accomplishments. In 1992, Rick Fleshman founded Full Circle Network Communications, which created technology and telephony products specifically designed for network marketing sales organisations.

FCN grew rapidly for the next seven years, drawing the attention of the perfect buyer, who opened up new doors of opportunity for Fleshman and company. As noted in Fleshman’s executive summary: “In 1999, Earnware Corporation, a high-tech internet marketing and strategy company, acquired FCN, where Rick served as VP of Marketing in an ownership capacity. Earnware provides Internet and telephony-based marketing tools that automate the sales process and allow large sales teams to communicate more effectively, and also handle large numbers of prospects through automated follow-up systems. Earnware clients include Coca Cola, Shaklee, AmeriPlan USA, and Wellness.com, to name just a few. At Earnware, Rick was responsible for several million dollars in revenue through large client acquisitions that were developed into solid long-term relationships.”

As a condition of the acquisition, Rick Fleshman became a major shareholder as well as the VP of Marketing, acquiring major accounts such as AmeriPlan USA, Young Living Essential Oils and more.

Rick Fleshman: Leadership and Management

As a seasoned marketing professional and an astute entrepreneur, Rick Fleshman has made several valuable connections throughout his twenty-year career as an industry expert.

Below is an endorsement from a former colleague who gave testament to Mr. Fleshman’s professionalism and leadership on Rick Fleshman LinkedIn profile.


“Rick is an incredible Leader and one of the best men I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is able to translate vision and corporate values in to a marketing message that communicates to many different demographics. I have watched him inspire Teams, head up strategy sessions, and provide ideas that take companies to the next level. I would love to get the chance to work with him again. Not only is he a brilliant marketer, he is inspirational in the way he garners loyalty amongst existing and new direct reports, I am a better woman having been able to work with him.”

As the CEO of iAM Marketing, Rick Fleshman uses his leadership ability daily to inspire those around him and create mutual success. He is known for being a sound and reasonable manager who can get the most out of his people.

Rick Fleshman: Social Media and Reputation Management

Rick Fleshman is the CEO of iAM Marketing, a team of skilled marketing professionals who handle both the digital and non-digital aspects of branding and public relations. Two key services they offer are reputation management and social media which are linked in today’s digital world.

As stated on the iAM Marketing website, their reputation management services “counter negative messages and promote the good work that you do. Your online reputation is the trust factor in relationships. When someone attacks that reputation, we guard and defend it. We transform unfortunate news into good news, creating, building, and enhancing your online reputation to boost credibility and trust.”


Social media is an essential tool for reputation management, not only because the popularity of apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more helps information spread quickly, but also because profiles are 100% managed by their creators. Because of this, social media profiles should be exemplary of what you want your online reputation to be.

Rick Fleshman’s 25 years of success in marketing and communications has led him to this exciting position with an innovative company. iAM Marketing has the tools and the talent to help lead brands across the digital landscape.

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